About Skinterest

Welcome to skinterest, Advanced Regenerative Therapies

A visit to skinterest wellness spa provides you a safe and hidden retreat from the pressures and stress of daily life; a sumptuous and relaxing renewal of body and spirit in the hands of gifted and very experienced Nurses, Estheticians, Makeup Artists and Certified trained Massage Therapists.

Our Team

Yvonne Nahl

Head Esthetician & Owner

Yvonne has devoted herself to the beauty and wellness business for over 44 years. While studying skin care, Yvonne traveled to and lived in many countries such as India, Holland,Spain, Canada, Germany and Japan. After years of training and studying the various treatments available throughout the world, she started her first business in California in 1984 in South Bay, CA. As a child, Yvonne suffered tremendously from eczema over her body. By the age of ten she had the interest of knowing more about skin disorders and knew that she would either be a Holistic Doctor or a Skin Care Specialist. Embracing the spectacle of human suffering, Yvonne gives her knowledge freely and loves to help people in many ways. Her staff is professionally trained by herself in the Esthetics department. She uses European and American standards to provide the most result driven holistic skin and body care treatments available today. Her passion is to serve all clients with love and practical treatments that are specified for each person. Education is key and satisfaction is guaranteed.


Myofascial, Sports & Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

Mihaela has a passion for body work and has had significant training from experts in Europe and at Healing Hands with her focus on Chinese herbology, deep tissue and many other techniques. She incorporates the body and mind with your particular needs in mind as she is very intuitive as well. Her intuitive and expert hands will find the areas that need addressing and she has a very flowing style of movements but with firm pressure. Her choice for treating clients in a quiet setting with pure Aromatherapy induced sheets is a very sweet way to begin the massage journey with her. Try her out, she will be sure you leave feeling rejuvenated, and I guarantee, you’ll say, “Wow, that was the best massage I ever had!” Most clients like to extend their massages with her to 2 hours! She books up quickly on Saturdays!

Claudia Del Rio

Body Work & Esthetician

Claudia has a strong passion for healing and is also a very experienced Esthetician.

Integrative therapy
Nutrition and body treatments
Body Treatments & Phytotherapy
Clinical Skin Care
Flower remedies
Emotional consulting
Energy healing
Herbal Remedies that work
Meditation for healing

If you are in the area book now and have a relaxing transformational & holistic experience.

Mind. Body. Spirit.

Hilde Otterholt

Massage Therapies

Hilde, originally from Norway has a passion for various massage therapies, including Rolfing. With more than 20 years of experience you will find yourself floating away during your 1.5 hour massages. She has studied a large variety of wellness, body work and massage treatments in Canada, Norway and in the USA. Hilde also has a passion for Hawaiian dancing and also is a Hula dance instructor. By touch, intuitively she knows exactly where you are having bodily discomfort and uses different therapeutic massage methods to alleviate the pain; helping you to fully relax and receive the healing. Those with chronic pain often seek Hilde on a monthly basis to alleviate aches and pains.

Valentina Bradley

Lomi Lomi, Combination, Swedish Massage Therapist & Esthetician

Valentina, has over 20 years of professional training and experience. She is a licensed massage therapist and demonstrates her talents by giving a thorough body treatment, whether it be deep tissue, Aromatherapy Combination or a nurturing Lomi-Lomi massage from Hawaii. Her warm spirit, gentle heart is felt in every stroke. She incorporates a variety of techniques that truly address any concern. Her love for deep tissue and hot rocks combined with a gentle touch make for a perfect combination massage. We recommend a 75-90 minute massage to get the fullest benefits.

Saeng Jo

With appropriate pressure on the clients body we can achieve maximum healing and relaxation. A lot of the body work incorporates acupressure points along the bodies meridians with different techniques to accompany and work with them. We will hire those that have studied various massage techniques including: Shiatsu and Tui Na, Swedish, Myofascial Release, Energy Healing, Deep Tissue or Sports Massage and more. We will not work against the body, but with it! Since all our muscles are connected we must approach the body as a whole to get maximum relief.

We are diligent about hiring only the most professional and caring therapists that have compassionate and loving energy.  We hire the kindest people to work with the clients to continue our “5 star” skinterest spa culture.  Welcome to skinterest and experience truth and services that require knowledge and passionate therapists!