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Facial exercise or face yoga helps you tone your facial muscles that have probably been ignored, unless you’re getting many professional facials.  The added benefits are for youth enhancement, product penetration and relaxation too.

The massage techniques we have are a safe alternative to Botox and face lifts.  Of course, it is not as instant but it helps to lift, firm, and gives your skin a radiant glow with reduction of wrinkles.

The movements are very stimulating to the muscles under the skin, and thus this will lead to firming and lifting.  Desired amount of massage differs for each person, but I recommend at least twice a week for a 5-10 minutes skin workout.

Is is especially helpful and beneficial to massage any products into the skin while doing this massage and we would recommend seeing a professional for your best serums and products to be used.

Can you overwork the muscles in the face?  Yes!  Do not over do it.  It’s important to be regular and to receive professional facials once a month.  Try doing the facial exercises daily if you can in small doses, about 10 repetitions per area.

Here’s just a few for you to try at home:

Cheek areas:  Bring the fingers up from the neck area and massage with lifting up the hands to the eye area.  Under the cheekbones, rotate your knuckles and lightly massage from the inside out to the ears.

Eyes: With the middle fingers push in to the top interior eye area, eyes closed, close to the nose , count to 10.  Lightly pinch the eyebrows from the nose to the outside of the brow bone.  Use the the middle finger and press lightly on the outside of the eye towards the under eye and back to the nose.

Forehead and Ears: Swipe your hand flat on the forehead slowly back and forth, then bring each hand to the ears and pinch your ears starting at the lobe and all the way up slowly.  Go back to the forehead and make little circles going across the head.

That’s enough for your facial exercise.  Any questions, feel free to email us: beauty@skinterests.com



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