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Derma Nude Hair Reducing Cream

Category: Body, Body Care, Face, Facial Care, Hair Removal, Skin Care
Tags: #dermanude, #hairremoval, #lagunabeachspa, #skinterest, lagunabeachbeauty.
To get rid of hair without waxing or shaving, this is the most effective line up of treatments.  We suggest you do a patch test first in the area you are planning to get rid of the hair, checking it every minute! After your hair has been dissolved, wipe it all down with a soft cloth.  You may have a cool shower after or cool cloths are used on face areas, with NO soap.  Leave the skin alone and then use the following products for soothing, and slowing down the hair growth even more! The two options are: Spray Mist (4oz.) Inhibitors are an exciting revolution, transforming the hair removal industry. Unwanted hair regrowth gradually slows down over a period of 1-4 months, until growth completely stops over time, with ongoing daily maintenance. Results will vary. A choice of the Soothing Gel Inhibitor, for facial and small precise body areas, or the Spray Mist Inhibitor, for large areas, i.e. chest, back or legs. A unique formula of 100% natural vitamins, herbs, antioxidants and 5 bio-enzymatic plant extracts, will leave your skin nourished and silky smooth. Protect your skin from environmental damage and free radicals!

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