The best hair removal in Laguna Beach! We offer hard and soft wax as well as tweezing services.  Please see below for pricing.


•To prevent ingrown hairs, always use a light exfoliant on the waxed area the day before waxing.
Beginning two days after waxing, use at least once a week ongoing.
•Non-aspirin products such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen can be
used before a bikini wax to alleviate any possible pain. Please avoid caffeine as this will increase body sensitivity.
•If exercising before a bikini wax, make sure the skin is clean and dry as
moisture can make the hair less likely to be removed.

•Certain medications may affect the results of waxing such as Retin-A,Renova,

Differin, Accutane, blood thinners, and heart medications can make the skin thinner or more sensitive to waxing. All waxing clients must fill out a skin care questionnaire to confirm that their skin can be waxed.
•Do not get a bikini wax if you are a diabetic.
•There may be additional charges for extensive
waxing, tweezing, and/or ingrown hairs.
•Do not shave at least two weeks before waxing. For optimum waxing
results, have the area waxed once a month, and never shave the area
•Do not tan the bikini area in the 24 hours prior to your wax appointment.


•Do not tan the waxed area in the 24 – 48 hours following your waxing.
•Do not go in the ocean or jacuzzi within 24 hours of waxing. Bacteria can get inside the pores and cause irritation or infection.
•Don’t forget to book your follow-up wax in 3-4 weeks!
The easiest and most painless way to maintain your  wax and is to follow a
regular routine waxing.