Body Treatments

Pressotherapy Leg Compression Therapy

A non-invasive treatment designed to improve overall circulation through lymphatic drainage. Pressotherapy promotes the body’s natural functions and stimulates faster elimination of waste in the body. A great treatment for circulatory concerns, swelling, pregnancy, slimming, and getting rid of toxins and cellulite. The most advanced treatment in the world for the legs. Fabulous with a Facial. One treatment equals to 22 miles of walking!

Time: 30 minutes Cost: $75.00 Series of 7: $450.00

Vacuodermie – Body Slimming & Contouring, Anti-Cellulite Treatment

The choice for lymphatic drainage, inch loss, and body contouring. We love this more then our Endermology Treatment. This “pre” and “post” operative treatment system is designed to remove excess fluids and puffiness. It will help rid the body of cellulite, reshape the body, break down fat cells, and firming the skin. Excellent for legs, hips, love handles, stomach or arms. Used exclusively at our spa in Orange County for men and women!

Time: 45 minutes Cost: $99.00
Series of Three: $290.00 Series of Ten $890.00

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  • Pressotherapy

    30 mins

  • Vacuodermie

    45 mins