Body Treatments

Ayurvedic Body Treatment for Relaxation & Detoxification

Your Dosha will be determined at the time and the oils and products used will be specific. Warming the body with thorough stomach, feet, shoulders and decollate’ body work will help you relax and detox as well.

This is a very soothing treatment and may be combined with a skin care treatment or a Shirodhara blessing head treatment for extra regenerative effects.

Time: 1 hour                             Cost: $100

Myofascial, CBD, or Rolfing Bodywork

Myofascial release is an alternative medicine therapy claimed to be useful for treating skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood, oxygen, and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles.  This type of body work is very specialized and has healed many sports related injuries. 

Time: 1½ hours                          Cost: $185

Pressotherapy Leg Compression – Lymphatic 

A non-invasive treatment designed to improve overall circulation through lymphatic drainage. Pressotherapy promotes the body’s natural functions and stimulates faster elimination of waste in the body. A great treatment for circulatory concerns, swelling, pregnancy, slimming, and getting rid of toxins and cellulite. The most advanced treatment in the world for the legs. Fabulous with a Facial. One treatment equals to 22 miles of walking!

Time: .5 hour               Cost: $75.00                   Series of 7: $450.00

Vacuodermie – Body Slimming & Contouring, Anti-Cellulite Treatment

The choice for lymphatic drainage, inch loss, and body contouring. We love this more then our Endermology Treatment. This “pre” and “post” operative treatment system is designed to remove excess fluids and puffiness. It will help rid the body of cellulite, reshape the body, break down fat cells, and firming the skin. Excellent for legs, hips, love handles, stomach or arms. Used exclusively at our spa in Orange County for men and women!

Time: .75 hour.                  Cost: $99.00                  Series of 10: $890.00

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A few of our Services

  • Ayurvedic Trio Package in Laguna Beach

    Escape into the ultimate tranquility by experiencing this Blissful Ayurvedic Trio.

  • Rolfing & Myofascial Body Therapy

    Our Rolfing experts will tailor your needs to release deep-seated tension, emotional blocks and chronic, repetitive tightness.

  • Detox Pro with Light Therapy

    A detoxifying, oxygenating acne treatment designed to clear skin congestion, control acne and revitalize fatigued, stressed and dull skin.

  • Botinol Clinical Treatment

    A substitute for Botox injections. An innovative and clinically proven procedure that combines five peptides and medical grade Retinol.

  • LED Lumiere Therapy Photo Rejuvenation

    Stimulates collagen while working within the dermis region to firm, take care of wrinkles and even skin tone.

  • Pressotherapy Leg Compression with Vacuodermie Therapy

    Promotes the body’s natural functions and stimulates the venous return for a faster elimination of toxic waste to help with swelling.

  • Skin Treatment & Chemical Peels

    Skinterest spa offers PCA treatments, Cosmedix and GM Collin peels and are carefully customized to your skin type.

  • Pomegranate Peel

    Infuses the skin with powerful antioxidants while helping to stimulate collagen to smooth over rough skin and correct uneven texture and tone.