Massages & Premiere Body Spa Treatments

We offer exquisite wellness therapies that enhance the contemporary spa experience. Various Treatments include: Myofascial Release, Aromatherapy with CBD, Lymphatic Drainage, Circulation Treatments, Ayurvedic Healing Work (from India), and many med spa machines for body contouring, skin peeling for the body, detoxification, firming and more. EST1999

Ayurvedic Massage

Experience the highest quality organic, Aromatherapy blends designed to enrich your spa day with ancient wisdom and herbal healing traditions. Each unique Ayurvedic treatments are also customized. We also have equipment for going deeper into the body for healing, rejuvenation, tightening and fat burning as well. We offer many treatments for Detox, Lymphatic and Firming as well.

 Myofascial Rolfing Body Therapy

Knowledge, experience and intuition is experienced with our Rolfing experts. Your therapist will tailor your needs to release deep-seated tension, emotional blocks and chronic, repetitive tightness. Neuromuscular, deep work, concentrating on areas of the body that need healing. We offer 90-minute sessions for the full body to receive the best benefits. Your body will be amazingly transformed as each treatment will be different and work on new issues. Superb for healing specific issues more than a regular massage.

Aromatherapy Massage 

Delight all your senses with a super relaxing body and head treatment. You may choose Aromatherapy or CBD with your massage. If you feel very stressed or need extra care, please consider doing a 90-minute full treatment.

A Much-Kneaded Hot Stone Massage

This is a super relaxing body and head treatment. Swedish style massage to calm the body and mind. A special treat to help you slow down and experience a little bit of heaven. Add on Hot stones and CBD oils to this massage.

Warm Glacial Clay with Herbs and Pressotherapy

Detoxify and relax your body with this warm wrap while your legs and hip area are wrapped with the French Pressotherapy treatment. You’ll relax for about 40 minutes while being wrapped and having a nice scalp and face acupressure treatment.

Vacuodermie – Body Slimming, Lymphatic Drainage & Anti-Cellulite Treatment all in one!

VACUODERMIE is utilized as a massage technique with the help of suction and cupping from the most advanced equipment from France. This will encourage good body mechanics while providing relaxation and detoxification.

VACUODERMIE/VACUMASSAGE is a great addition to any type of bodywork or with a skin treatment. The overall stimulation of the local circulation (arterial, venous and lymphatic) generates better exchanges at the cellular level and consequently increases cell metabolism to include oxygenation, and cell rejuvenation. Equals to 22 miles of walking when used with the Pressotherapy compression garments after the Vacuodermie! Great for the entire body and brains!

This “pre” and “post” operative treatment system is designed to remove excess fluids and puffiness. It will help rid the body of cellulite, reshape the body, break down fat cells, and firming the skin. Results are seen in one treatment, but it is best to do a series for serious conditions.


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Ayurvedic Destress Renewal Package

Discover the ancient rituals of Shirodhara and Wellness Ayurvedic Body Treatments. Get ready to LET GO!

Calm the body, spirit and mind. Specific to your body dosha (type), warm Ayurvedic oils are used for calming, detoxifying and healing. We start with a 90 Minute Ayurvedic wellness body & facial treatment including a Shirodhara blessing. Enjoy bliss with gentle, healing powers – an ancient Indian based therapy. Head and body are renewed! Excellent for insomnia, detoxification, high strung, tired or stressed-out individuals. Love this therapy!  Sweet, Sweet Serenity. Yvonne was trained by many Ayurvedic practitioners, including some in India. Sounds of Tibetan singing bowls or yoga music – your choice.  Herbal tea is served after your service.

There are other non surgical, medical and  wellness body treatments  found under  Non surgical treatments.

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