Specials for Summer 2021

BE Beautiful Magic – Enjoy your NEW eyebrows~ using Nano technology from Germany, experienced artists using only non toxic, organic products!

This special is for you to receive your new, natural looking brows that will be designed in a very natural way, giving you the colors you want to incorporate with organic inks.  With over 37 years of experience in all types of permanent makeup you will be very pleased with the outstanding results, the clean and safe atmosphere and the professionalism.

Time:  90 minutes.         Cost: $500.00


The perfect gift to give to your wife!

Birthday Introductory Lymphatic Treatment

Add in a Lymphatic Leg Treatment with your next customized skinterest clinical skin care treatment. We offer a proper evaluation to define expert skin care regimes pertaining to your specific needs. A return to perfect balance: resulting in a beautiful complexion. While the skin treatment is being performed your legs, thighs and feet are being worked on pressing and releasing excess fluids, toxins and bringing the circulation back into the body.  This treatment equals to 22 miles of walking.  Relax and enjoy this great combination in a medical and friendly spa setting. Price includes the skinterest clinical skin treatment with a FREE lymphatic treatment. Must mention this special when booking your appointment please.

Time: 70 minutes                                Cost: $175

Introductory 40 Minute Silkpeel Dermal Infusion

A combination of diamond tip exfoliation and peeling with a custom infusion of hyaluronic, purifying or brightening agents. This price is for your first treatment only so that you can experience the fabulous results and enjoy silky and hydrated skin again.

Time: 40 minutes               Cost: $129.00 

Pressotherapy Leg Compression with Vacuodermie Cupping and Lymphatic Therapy

Pressotherapy promotes the body’s natural functions; this new treatment stimulates the venous return for a faster elimination of toxic waste and helps with swelling.  The revitalization and oxygenation of the tissue helps slimming and refining of the legs while enhancing the skin tone.  Awesome for all circulatory situations, swelling, pregnancy, slimming and definitely great on cellulite. A must for jet lag, tired and heavy legs and feet.  May also be combined with your facial! The Vacuodermie is designed for all types of problems such as scar reduction, cellulite, toxic or heaviness of the body, fat reduction and more.  Doing these two treatments are very healthy for the body and will give you a cleaner and healthier lymphatic system too.

Time: 1 hour                         Cost: $155.00 

The World’s Best LED Light Therapy

Feeling a little “down” and need some firming and stimulation of the collagen in your skin? This premiere 2500 light system from England is the best in the world. It promotes firming, relaxation and healing using specific light frequencies. Rid your skin of deep wrinkles, fine lines and sags, folds, age spots, Acne, sun damage, coarse skin and large pores, dilated capillaries and more.  You may want to add this to your Signature Skinterest or Ayurvedic skin treatment! Enjoy firmer, brighter skin.

Time: 35 minutes                    Cost: $80.00