Skinterest Specials

Indulge in 20% off your French Lymphatic Leg & Body Treatment

Add in a Lymphatic & Circulation Body Treatment with your next customized skin care treatment for 20 % off! We offer a proper evaluation to define expert skin care regimes pertaining to your specific needs. A return to perfect balance: resulting in a beautiful complexion. While the skin treatment is being performed your body is receiving an amazing treatment to release excess fluids, toxins and bringing the circulation back into the body.  This treatment equals to 22 miles of walking.  Relax and enjoy the Skinterest luxurious facial treatment while the rest of your body is also receiving a healthy workout!

Complimentary Aromatherapy Body Oils

A special blend of Aromatherapy oils is used with your body treatment on your back, shoulders, stomach and feet so that you can experience the relaxation results and enjoy silky and hydrated skin again. May also add this to a Skinterest facial for superior results!


Gentleman’s FREE Waxing Service with a Relaxing Skin Treatment & Massage

Feeling a little “overwhelmed” and need some stress release and great skin and body services? We will take great care of you in a private and serene environment.  Rid your body of the stress with a back massage and experience a superior, youth enhancing facial.  May also add on a back wax if you like. Specializing in all types of skin:  Acne, sun damage, coarse skin and large pores. Enjoy a firmer, brighter and more hydrated face. Grooming brows, ears and nose hairs are also offered as an add on. Free eyebrow wax or tint with this package.