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Client Testimonials

Who wants RESULTS!!!???? Sure, facials are pampering, calming, "a treat", etc....but let's not kid ourselves here...nobody has time in this day and age to settle for "treats". Why not be treated, educated, healed AND transformed? It IS possible to have it all, I promise. I earned my esthetician license through a highly acclaimed Aveda Concept institute over 16 years ago, so, BELIEVE ME when I tell you Skinterest is THE REAL DEAL! The owner and head honcho - who personally delivers the amazingness I speak of here - of this amazing spa, Yvonne, has an insane amount of experience in so many modalities of skin care. She has been trained by the absolute best of the best in Europe, Canada, and the US, and has traveled across the globe perfecting her craft, spending a significant amount of time and energy learning the world's most effective protocols, methods and best-kept-secrets pertaining to beauty, health and wellness. Not only do her treatments FEEL amazing and insanely relaxing, but the proof is completely in the pudding with her and all she does. Whether your skin is broken out/acne-prone, mature, combination or ruined (like mine, see below), Yvonne can and WILL change your life when it comes to your face. (She actually knows so much about everything so be sure to visit Skinterest for ALL your wellness needs - inside and out!!)


Our Mission Statement

Skinterest Regenerative Esthetics takes a holistic approach to beauty and health with a focus on addressing both the internal and external factors that affect the way we look and feel.

We provide a variety of non-invasive, natural and medical-grade esthetic treatments that leverage the latest in technological advances. Experienced & very educated therapists work alongside proven, science-based health and wellness programs in a serene & clean atmosphere.

Our commitment to excellence and our passion for you is evident by the way we perform.  We look forward to meeting with you soon! With over 49 years in this industry, Yvonne has made it her mission to give all clients an amazing experience.