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Spa Packages

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Clinical Skin Care

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Med Spa coming soon

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Permanent Makeup

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Massage & Bodywork

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Hair Removal

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Feel free to indulge at home and when you’re ready to get a clinical skin treatment call us!  We are all set up for you in a very sterile environment.

Explore the many amazing offerings

Med, Lux Facials & Body Care
  • Skinterest LUXURY Skin Treatment

    The complete solution for preserving a healthy, clear glow and youthful appearance. Luxurious in every way - customized to your skin condition. Leg and foot massage is included with this complete European style Facial. 75 minutes of bliss!

  • Clinical Collagen for the face,eyes & neck

    Exclusive age-defying and firming treatment that provides intense hydration, firms the skin and reduces the appearance of aging. 1.5 hours

  • Detox Pro with Light Therapy

    A detoxifying & oxygenating clinical Acne treatment designed to clear skin congestion, control acne and revitalize fatigued skin with respect. LED lights are also used at the end of the treatment.

  • Vit C Brightening Skin Treatment

    A powerful antioxidant, youth enhancing skin care treatment designed to delay the signs of aging and to rejuvenate the skin, while smoothing and brightening hyperpigmentation. Excellent for sun damaged skin. 75 minutes

  • Clinical Face & Neck Sculpting with RF & Cryo Firming

    An exclusive treatment that targets Muscles, Microcirculation, and the skin tissue. This is incorporated with a full facial using high end clinical cosmetics. 75 minutes

  • Ayurvedic Matcha Antioxident Ayurvedic Treatment

    A gentle Ayurvedic treatment incorporating Herbal remedies, green tea, antioxidants derived from ancient Ayurvedic therapies. 70 minutes

  • LED Lumiere Therapy Photo Rejuvenation

    2500 LED lights! Stimulates collagen, stimulates hair growth on the head, helps with healing and tightening. Also a great treatment for mental issues of depression.

  • Injectable Collagen Stimulators & more

    Transdermal Therapy (from Spain) that stimulates the cells to produce new collagen growth. Excellent injectables are done by our who has years of experience with mesotherapy, threads and much more.

Massage & Body Work
  • Rolfing, Ayurvedic & Myofascial Body therapy

    Some of our Body Work includes: Neuromuscular, deep work, concentrating on areas of the body that need healing, releases deep-seated tension, emotional blocks and chronic, repetitive tightness. We also have offer Ayurvedic treatments. 1.5 hours

  • Ayurvedic Trio Package

    Escape into the ultimate tranquility by experiencing this Blissful Ayurvedic Trio. Check the site for more information. 1.2 hours

  • Warm Glacial Clay and Green Tea Body Cocoon with Pressotherapy

    Detoxify your body with this detoxifying, lymphatic drainage holistic wrap and amazing Pressotherapy Leg Treatment. .75 hours

  • French Thalassotherapy with Pressotherapy Lymphatic Treatment

    A detoxifying body treatment using seaweed products specific for detoxing. Incorporating Lymphatic Pressotherapy boots to get even greater results.

  • Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

    Lymphatic drainage compression garments with five chambers studied, tested and made at the Leg Institut of France. High quality equipment and results with this treatment for many problems associated with the lymphatic system. Excellent after flying, pre and post op for liposuction. .5 hour

  • Vacuodermie – Body Contouring, Detox, Lymphatic Drainage

    A “pre” and “post” operative treatment system designed to remove excess fluids and puffiness. Breaks down scar tissue, excellent for tissue and muscles along with breaking down cellulite. A must for after surgery to avoid keloid scarring and for taking down the swelling. .75 hour

Fillers, Non-Surgical
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  • Cryo therapy- Cool sculpt

    An innovative, additional way to contour your body by freezing the fat and having it flush out of your system. You may want a few other treatments along with cryo and cool sculpting to get the most amazing results.

  • Sclerotherapy

    Effectively treats varicose and spider veins. Done with injectables for larger veins. Capillaries can also be treated with a RF and HF frequency heating device which is fantastic in getting rid of these. Experienced care.

  • Live Stem Cells (frozen) Therapy

    Excellent for Skin Renewal for all skin types. Youth enhancing for sure! Repairs and rejuvenates the skin; treating lines and wrinkles, scars and burns.

  • Injectable Collagen Stimulators, coming soon

    A specialized treatment to stimulate the cells to produce new collagen growth. Can also be combined with fillers if needed.

  • Pressotherapy Lymphatic Treatment

    A true lymphatic treatment made for the feet to the thigh and stomach area. This treatment is excellent for pre and post care. We also recommend this treatment for all types of cellulite and heavy legs.

  • Vacuodermie Body Treatment

    Helps break down keloids, scarring, boosts collagen production for a smoother, younger looking skin on the face and body along with being a great treatment for body contouring for men and women.

  • Ligament Face Lifting (injectables)

    An effective cosmetic technique that lifts and tightens skin. Can be done on the face and body.

  • Enhancement Trio

    The package for Youth Enhancement with three skin treatments. Clinical Skinterest Treatment, Silkpeel with Hyaluronic or Clarifying Infusions and the LED lights, along with foot and hand treatments to end your blissful time at skinterest.

  • Ayurvedic Distress Renewal

    Calms the body, spirit and mind through special body work and Ayurvedic oils and prayer work. The body, face and scalp experience ancient Ayurvedic treatments. Check our women's and men's packages. 1.5 hours

  • Pre Natal Spa Package

    A Well-Deserved Treat For New Moms. Indulge in a luxurious Ayurvedic skin treatment with oxygenating benefits along with the most effective leg treatment to decrease swelling with Pressotherapy equipment from France. Lunch and herbal teas or mineral water is also served. (can be done after the first trimester) Pressotherapy Leg Treatment 60 minute Ayurvedic Skin Treatment Lunch & Herbal Tea

  • Queen for the Day

    Pamper your Queen or Princess from head to toe with this blissful and perfect spa package. Indulge her with a French Body Treatment for lymphatic, cellulite and body contouring, with two treatments that are the Vacuodermie and Pressotherapy treatments. We will then give her an amazing 75 minute Clinical Skinterest Treatment for the face, eyes and neck. To top off this amazing skin treatment, an Ayurvedic Scalp and Shirodhara Treatment is performed to take every ounce of stress away. After all her treatments, a lovely lunch with herbal tea or mineral water will be served. Enjoy the perfect combination of services. The favorite gift for your mom, wife or friend! 3.75 hours

  • Wake Up Beautiful Big Package

    The perfect combination of Permanent Makeup and Skin Care. Isn’t it time to get your perfect brows and eyeliner put on? We can help you accomplish the most natural and gorgeous looking makeup the doesn’t wash off. Before we start with the makeup enjoy the relaxation and results of the Skinterest Clinical skin treatment. Approx. 3.5 hours

  • Couples Ayurvedic Experience

    Discover the ancient rituals of Shirodhara and Wellness Ayurvedic Body Treatment. Calm the body, spirit and mind. Specific to your body dosha (type), warm Ayurvedic oils are used for calming, detoxifying and healing. Offerings: Ayurvedic wellness body treatments, Tibetan foot treatments, along with blissful Ayurvedic skin treatments with a shortened version of a Shirodhara blessing are all enjoyed together in the same room. Followed by your private and relaxing treatments you'll be served herbal teas in our beautiful, tranquil lobby, overlooking Laguna's hills. Lunch is can also be served outside at the Lumberyard – Yard Bar.

    $325 pp
  • The Gentleman

    For Men of High Standards Spirulina & Ayurvedic body treatment 60 minute Custom skin treatment Warm Agave Oil Scalp Treatment Complementary Eyebrow Grooming Hydrating Warm Foot Treatment Time: 2 hours

  • Indulgent Men's Package

    The Perfect “Time-Out” Specifically for our male clients and their unique needs. We are here to help you relax and improve your body, skin and mind. Includes: 1½ hours of Ayurvedic body, face and scalp treatment with a Vacuodermie body contouring session. (Great on detoxifying, releasing tightness from the muscles and for excess fat areas). Shirodhara Ayurvedic Blessing Skinterest Signature Face, Eye & Neck with Algae Mask Vacuodermie from France Time: 3.25 hours


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Skinterest Regenerative Esthetics takes a holistic approach to beauty and health with a focus on addressing both the internal and external factors that affect the way we look and feel.

We provide a variety of non-invasive, natural and medical-grade esthetic treatments that leverage the latest in technological advances. Experienced & very educated therapists work alongside proven, science-based health and wellness programs in a serene & clean atmosphere.

Our commitment to excellence and our passion for you is evident by the way we perform.  We look forward to meeting with you soon! With over 49 years in this industry, Yvonne has made it her mission to give all clients an amazing experience.